SpinMonkey is the brainchild of Anchit Doegar, a 26 year old from Delhi who quit his coveted corporate day job to fuel his passion for cycling. He has always had a knack for exploring new destinations and therefore ends up knowing all nooks and corners of any city he visits. He was always truly passionate about cycling and most of his mornings and savings were invested in cycling.

He believes firmly that cycling is the best way to commute everyday owing to its environment friendliness and health benefits. In order to take his passion & sustained enthusiasm for cycling a notch higher, he started his own venture with his friend Nishita Sharma in 'Cycling Tourism' space and they call it SPINMONKEY!

SPINMONKEY, as the name suggests, is all about ‘Monkeying’ around on wheels and exploring Delhi in an eco friendly & healthy manner! 




Anchit is the Founder and Director of SpinMonkey. He has an innate passion for cycling. He decided to launch SpinMonkey after he fell in love with exploring different cities internationally on his cycle. He quit his job at a reputed bank to pursue this passion. He therefore aspired to create a memorable cycling sightseeing experience for everyone. He knows everything related to cycles and hence ensures your safety and comfort during each ride.

He also loves travelling as he always wants to explore new places. He is an avid photographer and frequently makes his trips a subject of envy for his friends. So be prepared for some amazing pictures while riding with him!



Nishita is the Co- founder and Marketing Head for Spinmonkey. She has worked with brands like MTV & Vh1 before and is a geek when it comes to brand management and technology. She loves cycling and she often entertains other riders by singing beautiful songs while riding! She notoriously attends every music concert around and has worked herself on some of the biggest live events in the country. She loves travelling, especially to the hills so she travels frequently to pursue her wanderlust.

You will love her warmth and easy attitude but be warned of her rather infamous jokes. Don't say we didn't tell you!